Friday, October 28, 2011


if you don't know what this is... doesn't (really) matter.

either way, it's pretty funny. .. 
check out this link:
 in the link, you've got to scroll down to the "mid-meeting tebow" (page 7?)
or the "running low on toner tebow" or soooooo many more...


...or this video:
personally?  ..i Love the tebow story (always have, even as a seminole), and i sincerely hope it continues, b/c good guys are very good for this planet.

when tebow was at the university of florida, even as it was hard to speak it... there was an inner voice (even if it wasn't saying "go gators"), it was thinking "you can do it, tim tebow!"

maybe... just maybe... every one of us has it in us... to dig-in,  to dig down deep, and to care in such a way, with such passion... that leaves absolutely no doubt that (even with blemishes), there is nothing more Perfect than the human heart, kicking it into overdrive... simply Be-Cause it damn-well chooses to do so.

-the beginning.


  1. yes, clare,

    i get a little teary-eyed, just hoping that it's real... just hoping that there's a little bit of that in all of us...

    ...and then Knowing that there Is.