Monday, October 24, 2011

the Perfect Play

imagine the Perfect Play:

imagine if a Playwright could set such an extravagant, believable scene that even the actors would for-get that they were Play-ing!

imagine if the actors had special sense-ors that caused them to see, smell, hear, touch and taste their environment, and imagine if these "senses" were attached to emotional circuitry that allowed the actors to experience feelings (at a deep level) as if the experiences were real.

imagine if the Writer could set up scenarios of oppositical differentiality and create groups of people who could experience Unity and separation simultaneously, and what if these you-mans couldn't figure out that it all happens "at the Same time"?

what if there were "sensory provoking opportunities resulting in tremendous sensations" (s.p.o.r.t.s.) -- that pitted one person, or one team, or one country against the other? ..what if the ultimate sport was called "we are right" (w.a.r.), and what if the "ultimate sacrifice" could occur on a battle-field (of sorts)?

what if there were demo-crats and republ-i-cans who hated each other... and who lived life to battle each other so hard -- that they never got the joke (that they referred to their own organizations as "parties")?

and imagine if it was all "upside-down and backwards" even in the eye of the Be-holder, and if the Play was a reflection of its very Source?

imagine if the whole thing was set up for the feeling of emotional and sensory experiences, and imagine if there was a media-ocre mean-s to produce and communicate differentiality, for the Soul Purpose of drama?

what if you could turn down the Light and heighten the special effects?

what if the special effects were soooooooooo great that the actors were fitted with "virtual reality body suits" that accentuated senses and feelings and stimulations?

what if there was a veil (or curtain) that hid props and characters (behind the scenes)?

what if this Source/Playwright could somehow Feel, and Experience, and Love through a feedback system so close that it existed In-side of the actors?

what if, when it was over, even those who died would not (Really) be dead?  what if the whole cast could return to the stage (en-Light-ened), arm-in-arm, red with blue, victim with perpetrator, good-guy with bad-guy, and bow, bow, bow to the applause of previously unseen observers?

what if it was All for Fun?

...and what if every actor was an extension of he/r very Source, and what if the Source was the some-total of the experiences of the act-ors, and what if there were an infinite number of ways to experience all of the chills and the spills?  

with a little thought, that just might be a Perfect Play.

the end?

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