Saturday, October 1, 2011

every path is The Path

(just musings)
the path
by ima pathfinder


  • we’re headed somewhere (inconclusive)
  • that “end” is either good or bad (relative, limited)
  • that “end” is not an end, but a trans-form-ation (this seems plausible, based upon the nature of things, energy, etc.)
  • that transformation is G∞d! (a stretch, but It feels G∞d!)
  • that "G∞d" is “All” (as in “God is G∞d”)
  • “All” (with a Capital “A”) implies All, meaning that there is nothing that is “outside” of the All.
  • The All. Is. G∞d! ..It’s ALL G∞d!

assuming that the Infinite G∞d is All G∞d, then every-thing is good (even the apparent bad).

…and every path is The path, The way...

...and every “journey” or Course (of course, of course, of course) back to that which wIe never (Really) left, (of course) is G∞d.

even the path of the snake, is G∞d.
even the path of the taxman, is G∞d.
even the path of the lawyer and politician and war-hawk, is G∞d.
even the path of the enemy, is G∞d.

if every path is move-ie, a play, a dance, a journey, a course, a Way, an experience, a lifetime…
…then every path is G∞d (even the bad ones).

…then every experience is for the G∞d (even the bad ones).

Be.Cause the bad ones allow for the G∞d to be Known
…and It’s G∞d, even when it is up to no good.

-the end?
-the beginning?

is the Whole Path but a dance within a Dream,
Perfectly Perfect, as 
It Is.

((this [of Course] would imply that you are All Good, Perfect, and Whole, even when it doesn't appear to be so))

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