Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"junk" d.n.a.

by danel nel allen and don no anything

most of what we do; most of what we say
most of what we know about our nature (d.n.a.)

most of what we know of d.n.a. is very small
most of what we know of anything is "not at All"

most of what we think (on this, a very Sonny day)
most of what we are (a bit bizzare):

junk d.n.a.

* scientists call it "junk d.n.a." ..the very lifeblood of the Unseen, the Unknown, and the Unfathomable... the crux of incarnation It-Self... they call "junk." ..97% of us. ..the "Big I" in wIe...

(scientists don't Know much about junk)

*  if manifested life is a mirror of the Creator, then it's no surprise that what we see in the reflection is (often) backwards.

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