Saturday, October 22, 2011

fit for a change

on friday, 21 october, the founding fathers of the u.s. army physical fitness school teamed up with master gardener suzanne wilkerson and wowed a crowd of more than a hundred attendees for a seminar called "fit for a change."

the schedule looked like this:

  • prior to 10:00 - participant arrival, sign-in
  • 10:00 - administrative, welcome
  • 10:05 - instant wellness by leonard martineau, ph.d., l.m.b.t.
  • 10:18 - changes for the 3rd quarter: the 50+ years by suzanne wWilkerson, c.e.o. of a-vert energy
  • 10:31 - faith, fitness and your health by dale fletcher, m.s., founder of
  • 10:43 - success and change by bobby hoffman, m.s., co-author of "fit for duty"
  • 11:00 - intermission/break
  • 11:10 - panel discussion, fielding your questions on fitness, wellness, juicing, etc.
  • 11:50 - 12:00 administrative, feedback and certificates of attendance
the discussion panel included steve van camp, current director of the u.s. army's physical readiness program; larry scott, physical education instructor at north carolina state university; and jacob surratt, coordinator of gaston college's health and fitness science program.  we were also lucky enough to have bill schutsky, n.j. hall of fame basketball player (for coach bobby knight) in attendance. ..six of us worked and played together (indianapolis, 28 years ago), and jean montgomery couldn't resist driving up from tampa to be part of the impromptu re-Union.

with over 300 years of experience in the health and wellness arena, the event was filled with information, motivation, positive energy, and fun, fun, fun!

i kicked it off by playing a few mind-body wellness games to emphasize that wellness is a choice. ..suzanne then wowed the audience will a passionate presentation that focused on nutrition and self-sufficiency. ..dale followed that with a superb talk about the inseparability of Spirituality and health. ..bobby (playing the role of the closer) had the audience laughing and contemplating at the same time, while he talked about the importance of small changes.

during the discussion panel, suzanne gave us some juicing recipes and touched on the global implications of every choice that we make, including those that involve energy. ..jacob spoke from experience, and told a story or two about how his clients have been able to succeed in "sticking with" exercise programs.  steve brilliantly fielded a question about addictions, and larry brought us back to basics with some simple yet profound advice on day-to-day living. ..dale and bobby added valuable insights, and noontime came too quickly, forcing us to conclude a seminar that no one wanted to end.

afterwards, our experts got a tour of the gaston college fitness facility. .we also visited the campus greenhouse, where cultivated ideas are going to grow into organic food! 

the afterparty lunch was held at the u.s. whitewater center, where we shared memories and told stories that (to anyone else) would sound like fiction.

i could go on... but suffice it to say that this event marked a beginning as well as a reunion, and there's really no real way to put it into words, so i'll summarize by saying "thank you" to all of you who gave of your time and hearts on this, a fantastic day on this, a fantastic journey.


please send me your pictures, as my camera only had the (above) photos.

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