Sunday, October 23, 2011

changes and Sameness

Same changes
by w. e. change

change the way you walk,
change the way you drive
change (the weather) channel, there's another show at five
change of clothes and change of those we Know (and Love) by name
change the way wIe think and life may [never be] the 


this morning, as i watched jean drive out of the reafield village parking lot, i was overcome by the possibilities of her potential future, based upon her opportunistic Now.

it helped me to re-Member that change is not only inevitable, but Change Is. ..interestingly enough, there's a Sameness in friendships, there's a Sameness in family, there's a Sameness that we are continuously drawn back to -- like a salmon to its Source.

jean and i got a chance to reminisce... about sooooooooooo many wonder-full times, and sooooooooo many wonder-full people.  ..we talked a lot, about:
al and jo, clare and jerry, larry and ro, donna and tom, steve and precy, brian, james, jessie, kevin, willy and judy, larry and connie, kelly, abby, katie, janet, lenay, dick and m.l., roberta, ant and karen, julie, pete; bobby and barbara, bill and donna, larry, dale, steve, suzanne; juanita, sharon, jacob, matt, chad, kerrie, jackie; ann steve, carl, ralph, christine, j.p., rick, jack, steve; cat, kristin, lori; al morro, pete richie; bob, chris, denny, boz, mike; mom, dad, sisters, brothers; al; and so many more.
...and we talked about jim; and we talked about jim.

...and we talked about the future, and fitness/wellness, and nutrition, and water, and everything else imaginable.  ...and we went house hunting; and watched f.s.u.-maryland; and we ate dinner and sipped fine wine from rhode island's sakonnet winery.

...and we laughed and laughed about soooooooooooo many crazy times... and we wondered how we were still alive; and we pondered what life has in store.

...and we spoke of future Bliss as if it was Now, and so it was.
...and so It Is.

so, jean, as you drive off into the sunrise, know that i Love you. ..please be safe (and you are). ..please make the best choices that you can in every moment (and you will). ..please continue to be the Same, and to change, and to feel deeply.

in a period of two-and-a-half days, we experienced and re-called several lifetimes worth of events, themes, moments, and people.

to all of you out there
it is moments like this that make me overflow with memories of you... 
and i look at our pictures... 
and re-Member.

...and cry smile.


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