Friday, September 23, 2011

waves are coming in...

have you ever heard a piece of music, or a poem/thoem, or a song sooooooo special that it lifted your spirit to levels of Spirit that you never could have imagined?

did you re-Play that?

recently, i stumbled upon a bit of music, along with some visuals, and have decided to invite you to Play, [t]here, with me, in the future. ..plan on this: a once in a lifetime trip -- a spring break (yoga/thai-yoga retreat/intensive/immersion) trip abroad... for february/march 2013.

here's to y/Our re-Treat, at Pura Vida (Mexico), or wherever the music takes us (click below).

kick back and listen. ..the waves are coming in...

and guess what?

...they never end.

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