Tuesday, September 20, 2011

thoughts on "health promotion"

"health promotion" (imo) is the very practice of mind-body-Spirit (wellness). ..it is the re-Cognition of wellness, the re-In-force-ment of wellness, the attention to wellness, and the proliferation of wellness-oriented thoughts, words, and deeds.

this also implies a recognition of that which is a movement away from wellness, but only when that re-cognition is a gentle noticing, an allowing flow, a momentary glimpse that results in re re-focus on Gratitude, Wholeness, Oneness, Union, and Bliss.

in a physical world, it is easy-errrrrr... to focus on the physical -- and it is easy to focus on the train wreck, the forest fire, and the cataclysmic moment.

...but a world of wellness is a different world. ..it is a world of the Un-seen. ..it is a world of the Un-man-i-fest..it is a world of great me-mories, and it is a world of projecting and pre-paving a vibrant future.

health promotion doesn't ignore the inner tornado. ..instead, it re-Members the Wholistic nature of the bodymind, and re-Cognizes the magnitude of Perfection (often right in front of its nose) that dwarfs the negative.

One look at Nature dis-covers the Abundant Perfection of life, expressing HerSelf, re-producing (in Her own image), and living Well (even when it might seem otherwise).

-the beginning

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