Sunday, September 18, 2011

sweet, sunny, sun-day silence

sweet, sunny, sun-day silence
by nowyou'd thinkwe'd gettit
sweet, sunny, sun-day silence...
but it's not silent

but it allows for breezes, and chirps and flutters...
but it allows for the distant sound of motorized vehicular participation...
but it allows for a turning inward... the breath, the heartbeat, the In-side, which is (really) out-side, which (Really) has no sides

sweet, sunny, sun-day silence...
when you've got a million things to do,
but you choose not to

but you choose to dis-cover you 

ecstasy is a breath away, a choice every day, and a way...
to say... that every, single One of us may play... with the
sweet, sunny, sun-day silence

of this (that which we call our lives)
but (really) is it something else? ..something bigger? ..something inconceivable?

does it even matter?
did you have a thought, today?

it matters.  ..or not...
this day of
sweet, sunny sun-day silence

-the end/beginning

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