Thursday, September 8, 2011

p[f]light of the hummingbirds

p[f]light of the hummingbirds
by i. m. flying

faster than the speed of chirp, then hover on a dime
dancing with the hummingbirds (a reason for a rhyme)

* terror-torial hummingbirds (in scarcity mode) expend excessive amounts of energy protecting their "own" turf, when (in Truth), no-body owns anything.

* if the little chirpers ever decided to share, they'd find that there is more than enough sugar-water to go around, and more than enough for everyone.

* on the other hand, maybe that would create an overpopulation.

* on the other hand (II), maybe their dance is play-ful and Loving, rather than territorial. ..maybe they gain strength from adversity, preparing them for the long flight south -- during north carolina winter moments when wIe long for the short dance -- of the hummingbirds.

photos by l.martineau: charlotte, nc, u.s.a. and la fortuna, costa rica. 

(is life a plight, a flight, or simply a dance of light?) 

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