Friday, September 9, 2011

life's special moments

who ever would have guessed that hummingbirds (of all things) could bring so much joy and amusement?

today, prior to leaving for a weekend in rhode island, i had to refill several of my hummingbird feeders.'s been crazy lately, as they are obviously stocking-up for a long flight south. ..the birds are chasing each other wildly, they are sharing bird feeders, chugging, taking turns, etc.

as i was taking one bird feeder down, a bold little hummer flew up and began chugging from the feeder, while it was in my hand!  ..of course, when i returned with a replenished feeder, i held it out (in both hands) to see if one of the birds would get close.

another hummingbird flew up, sat down, and sipped (for what seemed like more than a minute), unfazed by me. was the closest i'd ever been to one of these entertaining birds. 

now, i'll try to take a picture of the situation. 

left: the little chirper is on the right side.

 to the right, we've got a couple, dance-sing.



    Wow, that is amazing...

  2. I could have taken a million, but I had to pack (because I'll be in RHODE ISLAND this afternoon, and we are going to howl!).

    These crazed birds will eat out of my hand at some point.