Friday, September 23, 2011

it's almost embarrassing... think, that we could ever have a moment of fear, a bit of anger, a feeling of judgement, a tad bit of criticism... in this, a world of unimaginable color, creation, beauty, passion, drama, taste, scent...
...and (of course) the incredible experience of touch.

and (even if we do) it's all okay. ..everything in the past is past.

Now (however), we can touch with softness, we can inhale with passion, we can kiss with molecular awareness, we can speak in such a way as to convey Play, today.


practice it Now. ..find someone... in the house or in the street, or in the car next door to you...

(if you are alone, and if there are no pets in the area, 
think about someone who you Love... 
or [better yet] someone you don't), 


...send a Love-ing thought in their direction. ..if it's appropriate, hug. ..if it's appropriate (and wanted), kiss.

then remenise.

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