Tuesday, September 13, 2011

blessed with GREAT friends

this is the kind of message that brings one back to one's roots:

i haven't seen brother andrew (and his family) for well over a year, but he writes this, from out of nowhere:


Lenny brother,

Hope you're doing well.

Try this experiment.  Go outside, and just listen.  Turn off all music, phones, and whatever you have on that make noise.  Go outside: to your deck, patio, backyard, and just listen.  Listen to nature.   She has something to say.   After 5 minutes, you'll be surprised at to what you hear.  Do you hear the cricket?  Do your hear the leaf falling?  Do you hear the wind?  Do you hear the energy?   Do you hear the power?  Nature has a sound we need to get back in touch with.  So go outside and just Listen.   Shhhhhhhhh.  The silence is deafening.

Drew, inspired on a great sunset evening!!!


of course, i did it, and here's what i sensed:

  • heard crickets,
  • heard cicadas,
  • heard cars, and an occasional human, be-ing (sometimes wIe for-get that wIe are nature's off-spring, too!),
  • heard/felt my heartbeat,
  • felt connected,
  • saw green (herbs, trees)
  • saw red (hummingbird feeders),
  • saw white (railing), 
  • saw blue (glass, radiating everywhere),
  • saw red, white and blue (American flag), and was thank-full,
  • tasted the memories of times gone by,
  • inhaled/smelled the moments that are yet to man-i-fest,
  • touched... it All.
-the end?

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