Friday, September 16, 2011

58.7 mpg was a slight over-estimation

the car calculated 58.7 after 163 miles. ..upon further review, a couple of days later (with a fill-up):

349 miles, divided by 6.15 gallons = 56.74 miles per gallon (even though she says 58.6).

of course, this number might be skewed in either direction, based upon minimal fluctuations upon fill-up.

in any event, it's ridiculous that a car can get better mileage than most motorcycles.

as the prius approaches 100,000 miles... and if the average car gets 25 mpg, this one has saved me 50,000 miles worth of gasoline.

at 50 mpg, that's 1000 gallons of gas so far.

we (as a species) can do even better.

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