Wednesday, August 17, 2011

why "hot" food is "healthy"

alternative title: "wow, that pepper was hot!"

truth be told, i have absolutely no idea if hot food is healthy.

howevahhhh, since the 21st century has allowed (virtually) every human Be-ing to have a take on (virtually)  every thing...

here's my take:

1. a humanoid eats hot food, burns lips...
2. the humanoid -- in an attempt to cause cessation of burning...
3. drinks water (sometimes with ice in it)
4. ice, of course, is water (what?) -- but that's another post for another time...
5. the humanoid body is made up of (mostly) water, so it makes sense to ingest that which one is.

but what does this all mean, basil?

maybe it is important to dis-cover who wIe Really are, and then to feed ourselves with more and more and more of that.

...or... hot food leads to increased water intake. 

-the beginning 

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