Friday, August 5, 2011

what if...

alternative title: 11 breaths

amid economic crises, political stag-nation, crime, war, and natural disaster...

what if...

  • we had more choices than ever, in human his-story?
  • we have more of a selection of music (and video) than any humans at any time, ever?
  • we have more ways to communicate "i Love you!" than anyone has ever had?
  • we could obseerve whatever we wanted to observe?
  • we could hear whatever we wanted to hear?
  • we could taste whatever we wanted to taste?
  • we could feel whatever we wanted to feel?
  • we could see whatever we wanted to see?
what if this part-i-cular lifetime had more possibilities than any life-time before it?

what if the show only lasted 11 breaths (77 seconds or so), give or take a few breaths.

what if we only had a few, tiny miliseconds to hold someone close, to treat someone well, to compliment, to praise, to support, to kiss, to Love?

what could we do with those 11 breaths?

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