Monday, August 8, 2011


by ima storm

the shift of breeze, the sway of trees, the thought that these are signs (not norm), as everyone anticipates the storm.

but could a storm ever (really) be de-fined, without calm? ..could calm ever be understood, without the storm?

is it possible that the calm and the storm are not "one, followed by the other," but One? ..could opposite ends of the spectrum comprise the Whole spectrum itself?

isn't the label of "calm" or "storm" merely a description of a small piece of the pie (in-the-sky)?


maybe life is like the calm and the storm, and every-thing in between, which allows for the appreciation of any-thing in-between, which appears to be different (or a-part) from it's True Nature, while (all the while) Be-ing its True Nature.

-the middle

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