Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Noplace like Ommmm

ohm’s law [1]

a rhythm in a bottle
a message in a poem
a thought, a sound, a lost & found:

there is Noplace like Ommmm

  • german physicist georg ohm came up with “ohm’s law
  • ohm’s law states that: V = I x R, when: V (voltage) = I (current) x R (resistance)
----------------------- “Ohms”
  • voltage = current x resistance (resistance is expressed in “ohms”)
  • example: V (12) = I (4) x R (3)
  • 12 = 4 x 3
  • if battery voltage Is “12” but the current through the wire is only “4” then the resistance with-in the wire is “3.”
  • if the Voltage Is constant, we can only experience increased energy flow (current) in the Present, Now moment – by reducing resistance.“e-go” (energy, on the go) is the resistance, SOMA is the wire.
  • G∞d, Constant, Unlimited Voltage is All-ways available to us.
  • is the pathway to experiencing Higher Energy Vibrations "to resist less"?  ..don’t rivers (and relationships) flow more naturally with less resistance? 
---------------------- “Ommm”
  • “Ommm” (on the other hand) is the primordial sound of “gratitude–wayne dyer
  • maybe, when we meditate to “Ommm,” we reduce energetic resistance via increasing inner gratitude.  ..does life flow better when we are grateful, versus when we focus on unmet desires?
---------------------- Ommms Law: “Ommm = more Presents”          
  • Ommmm = meditation
  • Revised, “Oms” Law: V = I x (R ÷ Om)  energy = current x (resistance, reduced by meditation)
  • voltage = current x resistance (ohms) ÷ Ommms
  • if one can “Ommm” at a frequency of 2… using the above scenario:
--------------------increasing “Current”  by reducing resistance, in a Uni-Verse of Constant Energy:
  • V (12) = I (?) x R (3) ÷ Om (2)
  • = V (12) ÷ R (3/2) = I (?)
  • = V (12) x R (2/3) = I (8)
  • I” (“Current”) “Present” energy level -- increases when gratitude Is infused into the equation.
  • note that the Voltage, or “available, Universal Energy” stays the same, as the current shifts
  • does this mean that it is better for humans to meditate/pray/sing/dance/laugh in Unison?
  • is energy strengthened by attracting like energy (example: if two or more people want the same thing, or if a couple decides to meditate with the same awareness).

--------------------“cues and clues”

-is it any wonder that ohm came up with ohm’s law?

    [1] martineau, l. (8-5.9-2003). book 21: I Am the Sky. © 2008  inspired by gary simmons in “the i of the storm” and a little research of ohm’s law.

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