Monday, August 15, 2011

neti, neti, U

neti, neti, U
by t. h. eway

not this, not that, but Union
neti, neti: None

neti, neti everything
not this, not that: All/One

* "neti, neti" (not this, not that) allows for a re-view-ing -- that all of the "good and bad" in the Uni-verse comprises the Whole, which cannot be conceptualized -- but can be experienced (often in fleeting, Now moments of non-thought).

* have you ever "lost yourself" in the gaze of a child, the arms of a lover, the beauty of a sunset, or the co-Creation of art/song/poetry/dance?

* when the senses seem to drop away, this is the doorway to "neti, neti."

pictures: sunrise in key caulker, belize; watsu pool: pura vida retreat, alahuela, costa rica; and a sanskrit workshop by marcy baverman, charlotte yoga club teacher training program.