Monday, August 1, 2011

it's all Good???

logical question: how can anyone say something like "it's all Good", when (obviously) there are things like ignorant, stubborn, partisan, political bickering by clueless lawmakers?

let's explore this:

1. good things are good.

2. 'bad' things (loss, failure, dis-ease) wake us up to the good things that we weren't paying attention to, which is an opportunity to shift our attention to the good.  .this is good.

bad things ('sin' or [better yet] 'mistakes') are opportunities to practice For-give-ness, which is (according to ACIM) one of the Highest forms of Love that can be experienced on earth.  .if the practice of forgiveness is good, then miss-takes (in effect) create the opportunity for one of the highest forms of Love to be practiced.  mistakes are good.

bad things (murder, war, violence) are the end of a spectrum that (like walking toward a giant beehive) provide us with an idea of which way not to go.  .knowing which way not to go is good.

in order for the 'it's all gooder' to believe that it's all good, s/he must step outside of he/r present perspective/box, and see things from a different vantage-point.

the AllGood perspective is (usually) more long-term, it is often 'out of this world', and it (often) isn't attached to the idea that human beings are more important than mother earth.

i'd like to think that wIe are All actors in a Big Play, and that (in a moment or two) we'll All wake Up, we'll turn on the Light, we'll re-move the veil/curtain, and we'll bow, bow, bow to the applause of wIe:

the audience; the actor; the director; the script-y/our; the set-ting.

does this mean that we shouldn't care -- that we shouldn't play our part-i-cular roles, here?  

no... of Course not.

we vote our votes, we express our expressions, we feel our emotions, we pre-pave our experiences.we live at the center of our own, individual Uni-verse.we star in our own Play.

and, in the end, it is All Good.

"and in the end,
the Love you take...
is equal to the Love you make"

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