Friday, August 5, 2011

"if your hair stands on end..."

"when in a lightning storm,
if your hair stands on end,
hit the ground, because you're about to be struck."

good advice.

about 45 minutes ago, i was jogging in the rain (happy to be enjoying the 79-degree temperature)... when suddenly, lightning and thunder came out of nowhere.

i was near a soccer field at calvary church (about a mile from my house), and things got so bad (lightning, followed by immediate thunder) that they were rushing the kids from soccer camp into the giant building.

all of a sudden, a crack of thunder seemed to occur along with a lighting bolt, and i hit the pavement! hair isn't that long, and i could feel static electricity on my arms and at the top of my head.

luckily (for clare, the executor of my [not quite complete] will), i escaped physically unscathed (although i did run and hide in the church for several minutes).

-not the end.
* graphic from microsoft clipart.

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