Sunday, August 21, 2011

i pass the torch to you

i pass the torch to you(1)

okay, i am your teacher
but i am no guru
it’s education relay, now, i pass the torch to you

okay, you are my teacher
the lesson, plain to See
you lead me to the promised land,
you pass the torch to me


• student and teacher are the same.

• student + teacher = “we.”

• teacher acts as a sup-port-al… a supportive passageway “toward” the beyond. ..there comes a point when the student moves ahead, leaving the teacher behind to do whatever the teacher is supposed to do next (e.g. teach/learn).

on the eve of another semester, it seems poetic -- to contemplate the learning (and ripple effect) that manifest from student-teacher relationships.
poemIcon.jpg   22 august... i pass the torch to you (2003).doc
(1) martineau, l. (2003). book 21: I Am the Sky. © 2003, 2008

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