Monday, August 29, 2011

human, Be-ing, hurricane

human Be-ings are like hurricanes.

* each comes (Complete) with a beginning, a process, and an ending.

* each can be described in terms of a past, a present, and a future.

* each comes from a place that is "of this world," yet "out of this world."

* each returns to that from whence it came.

hurricanes (in reality?) are "core" entities, yet they extend outward, prepaving a path that is subject to numerous twists and turns.  ..drama happens (mostly in the center) throughout the process, and even after the hurricane's lifetime.

at times, human Be-ings will "extend out" (kind of like the energetic body of a hurricane) and experience parts of themselves that they might (one day) become. ..this doesn't define someone, so much as allow one to explore his/her own potential.

from an energetic (chakra color) standpoint, note how the entity is created into the violet (Highest Self), and follows a color process that allows for maturation, over time. ..the red (root) transforms into orange (base needs) into yellow (sense of self) into green (love)...

...not shown are the blue (communication) and indigo/violet (Inner Wisdom) and white (re-Unication) stages.

when two beings come together, we can experience each others' outer ripples. ..the outer ripples exemplify the potential of the entity, but should not be mis-taken as it. ..on the other hand, a human/hurricane is its Whole self, so every experience (even the exploration) is real.

when two entities can experience each other at a core level, this is Union.

birth... relationship processes, drama... rebirth.  

sometimes it's not pretty, but there is no denying the incredible beauty of natural cycles that permeate this, our relative world experience.

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