Saturday, August 20, 2011

every-thing (earthly) ends

alternative title: 
imagine if the Uni-verse was designed so that 
everyone got everything that s/he wanted, 
all of the time.

((to be honest, that would be one, boring universe))

every-thing (earthly) ends.

it's only when we stop thinking about a thing from an earthly perspective, that it trans-forms into some-thing that is out of this world.

attachment is an earthy phenomenon, and it allows for some really good drama. .detachment doesn't mean non-caring, for-getting, or denial, but rather, it entails a slight shift in perspective... from loss to gratitude, from "my play" to Play.

may every, single one of us get every, single thing that we want...
...and when we don't, we can re-member that the only thing that makes this Play entertaining is the fact that we don't.

if this was (really) a Play, then we would have built-in some pain and suffering, just for the sake of it.

maybe wIe do get every, single, thing that we want.

maybe gifts come to us, wrapped in strange wrappings, so that each of us can Lovingly pulsate (ecstatically) in our own, In-divi-dual-i-zed experience...
...just for fun.

alternative title: 
just for fun

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