Friday, September 2, 2011

Whole-o-graphic mirror

holographic mirror
by r. e. flection

image-in the scenery, and
co-create the seen
holographic mirror: let's reflect on what it means

hologram: a photographic record produced by illuminating the object with coherent light... reflected from this object... a three-dimensional image is produced.

when the developed hologram is illuminated from behind (in the same direction as the original reference beam) by a beam of coherent light, it projects a three-dimensional image of the original object in space, shifting in perspective when viewed from different angles. appropriately enough, the word hologram comes from the greek words holos, "whole," and gramma, "message." if a hologram is cut into pieces, each piece projects the entire image, but as if viewed from a smaller subset of angles.

* is the Uni-Verse a hologram?

* are wIe reflections of the Whole?

* is the Whole "re-produced" in every, single piece, thereby allowing each piece to project an individualized version of the Whole?

* are the off-springings, then, created in the image of the creator?

-images from microsoft clipart 

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