Thursday, August 25, 2011

crying "wolf"

unfortunately, for a lot of individuals who happen to be in the path of hurricane irene -- nobody believes anything that any newscaster says, anymore, ever! ..the news d.t. (digital tabloid) has become such a joke. ..doomsday story after doomsday story...

newscasters cry wolf continuously.
no one believes half of the words that they spout.

the internet perpetuates this problem by luring people to click on sensational headlines, only to find another non-story, another hoax, another nada.

here's hoping that they are all sensationalizing (again), but the satellite imagery appears to dictate otherwise. ..beware, east coast. ..beware new jersey, new york, and providence, rhode island.

granted, maybe nothing will happen. any event, half of the country will have something bad to say about the president. ..politics aside, however, please take this one seriously.


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