Saturday, July 16, 2011

two dogs

two dogs
by dog g. one

i got two dogs (one’s dirty)
i got two dogs (one’s clean)
i got two dogs (and sometimes there ain’t nothing in-between)

i got two dogs (one’s stable, but the other: “on the run”)
i got two dogs (love/ego) and the show has just begun

* two (apparently) dueling dogs.  at times, they appear to be twins, both born from the same source.  at other times, they fight like dogs.

* maybe it’s important to note that each one needs the other, if only for the drama of knowing Itself.

in yoga class tonight, the question was asked:

"when they fight, which one wins?"

christine quoted a book (not sure which one) when she said: 

"the one that you feed the most."

(in the end, of Course... they both win)

doG One

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