Wednesday, July 6, 2011


hummingbirds, like humans, establish "territory." ..once established, we can benefit from the resources of our territory. ..unfortunately, others can conduct terror-ism, which undermines the way of life that we have come to know.

12 may... terror-torrial (2008).doc

there are five (or six) hummingbirds who visit my back porch hummingbirdbar, and they (as of now) have names:
  • green grace (also known as "greeny"): she has a long neck, and she's kind of skittish.  ..she flies in, sips, looks around, and flies away.  ..on occasion (usually in the evening), greeny will fly in, sit, and chug.
  • greybelly: greybelly has (of course) a grey belly. ..he looks a lot like his counterpart, "freckles."
  • freckles: freckles also has a grey belly, but he has freckles.
  • redneck flies: he has a red neck, and he remains flying while he drinks the sweet nectar offered by the backporch birdbar.
  • redneck rides: he also has a red neck (and a bigger belly). ..he appears to be the alpha male, chasing away would-be sippers. ..redneck #2 (as he is also known), will fly up, plop down, and slurp, slurp, slurp.
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* is All of life "terror-tor-i-All"?

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