Wednesday, July 20, 2011

arrogance and righteousness

arrogance and righteousness
by u. arrogant and i. right

arrogance and righteousness went walking (arm-in-arm)
full of self and confidence (and setting-off alarm)
loud (annoying) proud (destroying every-thing in sight)
heading for a fall because of arrogant and right

* arrogance and righteousness: twin lovers who, like cancer, proliferate to the point where they destroy the host -- committing suicide in the process.

* "Spiritual 'righteousness' is one of the final traps along the path to enlightenment." -Ram Das

* maybe it's okay to be wrong. ..maybe it's okay to allow someone else to proclaim his or her righteousness, even if it conflicts with our own.

* maybe "right" is a perspective, seen differently from infinite sensory perspectives.

* maybe no-thing is "right," and maybe that's All-Right.

(of course, as richard bach says in the last line of illusions, "everything in this book may be wrong.")

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