Wednesday, June 29, 2011

upside-down tomato

upside-down tomato
by ima little plant

upside-down tomato
all the world (a sage)
we could make a mint (the way that basil hits the stage)

parsley and cilantro are the toast of this small town
planting thoughts of oxygen:
tomato (upside-down)


* anyone who has ever grown fresh herbs knows the difference between fresh herbs and the alternative.

* a plant offers a microcosm/mirror of life: its strival toward freedom, its interdependence with itself, and its ability to adapt, conform, and cooperate – all while expressing itself independently and uniquely.

* if the ego is an upside-down and backwards reflection of the All, ego must also be a part of, a partner with, an expression ofAllness.

* in this way, every-thing (living or inorganic), is an off-springing of the Devine.

* in this way, no-thing ever need fear of being cast-away from its very Self.

* the upside-down tomato may, if fact, leave its mother, but it has already returned to her -- in the form of exchanged gasses and water and soil-based nutrients -- all contributing to the Whole of our tiny solar-system in this, a small galaxy of Vibrational Light.

-the beginning.

special thanks to rosalie martineau, for inspiring the upside-down tomato planting., your "i-dear" is already producing fruit.


yes, you can do this -- even if you happen to live in an apartment.

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