Wednesday, June 15, 2011

spontaneous Healing

alternative title: thoughts of Love

jeff primack emphatically states that there are no "incurable diseases," since the body (obviously) heals itself when given the necessary tools to work with. ..while pharmaceutical interventions are effective in the short term, many drugs mask the cause while treating the symptoms.

healing targets the cause by under-standing that our natural state is High-Level Wellness, and that dis-ease results from some type of blockage of chi (the flow of wellness).

the tools for healing (1) are found in this world and (2) are Out of this world.

clean air, pure water and organic (phytochemically rich) food can facilitate the healing process, and sometimes the changes are immediate. ..thoughts can heal, and thoughts can be viewed in two ways:

1. "earthly" thoughts appear to be generated by the individual, and they center on Love (for others and for self): affirmations, compassion, caring, support, cooperation, empathy, etc. ..these Loving thoughts can be amplified as words: praise, compliments, encouragement, etc.

2. "Out of this world" thoughts are a little harder to conceptualize. ..these thoughts come from a Higher Level, as a type of Communion with the Higher Aspect of our Be-ing. ..meditation, contemplation, appreciation, gratitude, Forgiveness, and Nonjudgment have "Out of this world" tendencies.

thoughts of Love heal.

thoughts of Love immediately create a sense of well-being that transcends earthly pain and dis-of-ease. .even if symptoms persist, thoughts of Love permeate in such a way as to render symptoms insignificant and (at times) nonexistent.

what are our thoughts of Love, and how can wIe cultivate can wIe make those thoughts stronger? can we make those thoughts more consistent, more dominant, more focused, more specific, and more power-full?

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