Thursday, June 23, 2011

Son flower

Son flower
by mani fested

open up the mystery of sound and space and time
open to the frequency of One (and yours and mine)
open with the tendency to replicate the Source
open to the Grand Idea that one is One (of Course)

* the sunflower, like every other living phenomenon, seeks to replicate its essence by re-cognizing its unique frequency based upon the re-cognition of that which it isn't.

* in other words, every one of our (human) problems is no-thing more than a cue... to shift away from that which is problematic, again and again and again, toward that which is one's True frequency.

* the dance (along the Way) amounts to a mellow-drama of sound, light and harmony (so bright) that One cannot help but resonate with a laughter of Love that Transcends this earth-bound dimension while in fact Be-ing this experience (simultaneously).

* interestingly enough, the story of every living thing can be echoed by the Son flower, as the story of the sunflower is echoed in every living thing.

from Macro to micro and back (again and again),
Love (here) is magical.

...and maybe that's what this Play is All about.

graphics by microsoft clipart and by google's "golden ratio images."

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