Wednesday, June 15, 2011


in only 19 moves,  
white creates a safe haven for his king while capitalizing on an innocent blunder by black – 
leading to sacrifices that result in a powerful mate.

martineau vs. the computer, 6-15-2011:
1. d2-d4           f7-f5 
 2. Bc1-f4        d7-d6 
 3. e2-e3          Nb8-c6
 4. Ng1-f3        d6-d5 

with his second queen-pawn move, black has given white a slight initiative in development.   

white controls the center, and is better prepared to exploit any opportunity.


5. c2-c4!         d5xc4 
6. Bf1xc4       

white removes black’s meager influence 
in the center, while developing his own king-bishop and setting up: (7. 0-0 castles)

…6. Ng8-f6
 7. Nb1-c3       Nc6-a5
 8. Bc4-d3       Bc8-e6?

while not a major blunder, black’s 8th move restricts his own king-pawn, 
which in turn traps his own king-bishop. 


9. a2-a3          Na5-c6
10. b2-b4         Rh8-g8?

black moves his king-rook, taking away his ability to castle on the king-side.   

white controls/dominates the center, has clear lines of attack, and the ability to castle into safety.

11. 0-0  (castles)           Ra8-b8?

again.  while not a major blunder, 
black’s rook move (11. Ra8-b8) removes his own castling options while not providing any type of tangible momentum.   

it's a wasted move.   

note that (in the meantime) white has safely
(and quietly) castled while developing his king rook, which, as it turns out,
will not be needed in this mis-match.

 12. Nc3-b5!    

triple threat!

the knight fork wins a pawn for white, with
(13. Nxc7 [check]) or the devastating (13. Bxc7!).

...12. h7-h5?

black's 12th move does nothing more than provide his opponent with future options.

13. Nb5xc7 (check)!    Ke8-d7
14. Nc7xe6!! 


white offers to "exchange" the knight, which will pull black’s king into extremely dangerous territory -- setting up the ultimate sacrifice.

             ...14. Kd7xe6

15. Bd3xf5 (check)!!! sacrifices the bishop.
notice the power of white's aligned bishops. is left with very few choices.

          ...15. Ke6xf5

16. Qd1-d3 (check)!    Kf5-e6
17. Nf3-g5 (check)!     Ke6-d7

white keeps pouring on the pressure, and black is powerless to stop the relentless attack.

it is important to note how black's mindless (...12. h7-h5) allows white's king-knight to exploit the g5 square on 17. Nf3-g5 (check!).

18. Qd3-f5 (check)      e7-e6 
19. Qf5xe6 (mate)

in the end, it becomes apparent that every, single move matters.   
purposeful action leads to opportunity,
and mindless movement places us into extremely vulnerable states.

let’s think (before we make the next move).

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