Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pi and Phi and i (oh, my!)

Pi and Phi
by a. p. pleseed

Pi and Phi went day tripping (though neither one knew why)
All Is One (at Play, for fun),
from Breath of Peace to...

* if the Uni-Verse (One-song) is alive, then It Breathes. ..let's imagine (just for a moment) that it Breathes Peace and Love.

* the Sing-u-larity (Love) expressing as duality (fear/love), birthing event-u-ality.

* in any event, einstein contemplated the physical expression of Allness as "relativity." ..in a world of Oneness, every-thing is Truly Relative.

* to "sigh" is a physical expression of distress/fear reduction, which is (naturally) a sign.

...but now it's time to sine-off, and sing my way to a day's work.
..you could say that "it's time that i left. right?"

even better, check this one out!

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