Saturday, June 25, 2011

life... is a 4D move-ie

alternative titles:
  • dimensions
  • vibrations of life
  • good, g∞d, G∞d, G∞D vibrations
  • ????? (your choice)
tonight, on the drive home, i did what anyone can do: i decided to watch the scenery as if i was outside of my body.'s easy: just imagine that "you" are located somewhere behind your head, and that you are watching you do whatever it is that you happen to be doing.

some religions call it "witnessing."  ..this post will call it "4-D." 

let's imagine that the Uni-Verse has 11 (to the 11th power) dimensions. other words, a lot of realities. ..what that means is that you might happen to experience the same experience differently than someone who experienced the same experience that you did.


everyone knows that we perceive the world differently from others -- but we can also perceive it differently from ourselves.


when we drive home tonight, we can i-magine that our physical body isn't solid. ..we can image-ine our-self as an electromagnetic being. ..we can image-in our-self as "sensors" that detect (and report back) to a Source of some kind.

we can imagine that (instead of "hands, holding onto a steering wheel"), we are a bundle of sensory vibrations, tapping into the "sensed" which happens to be our ride home. ..all we have to do is to lean our head back, and perceive:

  • that the bird, pecking at something in the road, becomes magical.
  • that frustrated drivers, behind us, become comedy.
  • that slow turns of the head become increased awareness of the multitude of potential scenes that can become the scenery -- based upon our attention to your scene of choice.
  • that every-thing is moving sloooooower...
  • that every-thing brings a gentle smile to our face...
  • that every-thing is really real (or maybe not).
you find yourself, smiling at the price of "gasoline."

you find yourself, chuckling at the guy on the moped (driving, wearing no shirt), turning into wendy's.

you find yourself, not caring about the traffic.

you find yourself...

the 4th dimension is a wonder-full dimension that sets us up for the 5th, 6th and 7th. ..eventually, we might find that there are eleven dimensions, and (after that) it's more like eleven to the 11th power.

interestingly enough, the only dimension that matters is the one that you can perceive, so even this dimension is completely up... to... you:


the beginning.


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