Wednesday, June 29, 2011

larry crowne

julie and i got an invitation to an advanced screening of the movie "larry crowne" (courtesy of the charlotte yoga club) and we saw the special pre-viewing last night.

larry crowne (tom hanks) is an average guy who "has to reinvent himself" after undergoing a mid-life downsizing. ..he finds himself at a community college, where a class (speech 217) and professor mercedes cranston (played by julia roberts) changes his life forever.

of course i'm (community college faculty) biased, but i gave it an A+ 
(and, as mercedes would say: "i'm not an easy A").

note: the theater was packed, and jules and i were forced to sit in the front row. ..julia roberts has a giant mouth already, but if you can imagine her lips 40 feet long...

a must see.

note II: for any free, advanced screenings... arrive to the theater early, so that you won't be looking up at giant projections of light.

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