Monday, June 27, 2011

fish (swimming)

by connie nected

fish swims against the current (he can't take much more of this)
fish finds a place to rest: fish (swimming), current, water,

* when we fight against the flow, we sharpen our senses. ..we build muscle. ..we learn how to swim, and we learn how to navigate the stream. ..we become better at living in the river.

* when wIe go with the flow, wIe experience less resistance. ..wIe relax. ..wIe contemplate the nature of the river, and wIe can contemplate the nature of water ItSelf.

during a life-time of resistance and acceptance, 
wIe breathe, wIe consume, 
wIe experience, and 
wIe reproduce (in our own image).

* when wIe have had enough of swimming against the current, when wIe are tired and ready to surrender to the flow, wIe completely re-Lease our-self back into that which is Water.

* when wIe experience total re-Lese, wIe re-Cognize that the fish is the water, the water is the current, and the current allows for the very Consciousness of  swimming itself.

fish (swimming), current, water, fish

in the law of attraction, abraham-hicks talks about "going with the flow" vs. "paddling upstream," and she emphasizes that our new experiences are "the cutting edge" of Source Itself. Essence, living Be-ings are what Source is doing, and all of it is Source energy.

* all photographs by l. martineau, at various locations within a short ride from charlotte, nc.

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