Monday, June 6, 2011

everything seeks its Source

"everything seeks its Source" is a blog quote from linda diane taylor on august 19th, 2009 and echoed by reverend julie mckay-wilkinson on 6 june, 2011.

what if everything is its Source?

example: seed, apple, and apple tree cycle through clearly discernible periods of differentiation -- yet which one is the actual "Source"?


is it possible that we (the physical Uni-Verse) are merely a phase of Source, Source-ing? ..while it might seem as if humans "seek" our Source, maybe wIe just Is, and "Be-ing" happens to be what we are doing.


maybe Source is seeking It-Self, constant-ly answering the Ultimate question ("who am I?") with the Ultimate answer ("I Am") via infinite channels (energetic, ethereal, physical, metaphysical, etc.) that are all a-part of the Same Station, which, while Still, is drama-tic in nature.

-the end.

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