Saturday, June 25, 2011

blood wrestling?

alternative titles:
  • you know that it's going to be a bad night, when...
  • "don't try this at home"
  • the birds and the bees?
thankfully, only family and friends will ever have access to this post.  ..heck, it might be sooooo disgusting that i'll probably hide it from everyone (event-u-ally).

the evening began quietly enough, as i left the house for my yoga teacher training course. ..i did what most people do (sunglasses on, hearing devices in, two oranges in hand, lock the door, carry the bag)... when (suddenly) a wasp was hovering around my hand. ..

no, the wasp had landed on my right index finger. ..nooooo, that nasty little wasp was stinging my finger!


at this point (and i'm glad none of my neighbors were around to witness this), yours truly dropped everything (oranges, bag, etc.) and attempted to "swat" the wasp away.  ..unfortunately, there were two more wasps, ready to engage!

yes.  ..surrounded by thousands of killer-wasps, i attempted to get back into the house.  ..this was not a good idea, as the door (of course) was locked, and i had no clue as to where my keys were (during this horrific moment in time).

[picture lenny, trying to break down his own door, thinking/chuckling/sobbing: 
"i've got to write about this!"]

screaming (or was it whining?), and flailing wildly (knocking off sunglasses and smashing the hearing devices off of my ears), i ran away, down the stairs.

unfortunately, i had to go back up to retrieve the dropped items (once i'd determined that the killer bees were not going to follow me out to the car).

anywaaaaaay, i went back upstairs, got the goods, and ran (whimpering?) to the car.
meanwhile, a giant storm was brewing, just west of charlotte, and tornados had done damage recently, so i found myself driving into a torrential hailstorm enroute to yoga.

below are the pictures, yes -- the calm after the storm:

the yoga class was great, with 2 hours of hatha, patanjali, 2nd chakra focus, and several variations of difficult postures. ..we decided that we'd finish with the last hour of "philosophy" at the common market, a vegetarian coffee shop/market/bar/whatever.

when we arrived at the common market, it was obvious that we couldn't hold the last hour of class there (because it was packed with people).  ..the owner ("chuck") told us that tonight was "blood wrestling," and i am not making this up --.the "ladies" dress up as mexican wrestlers (complete with masks) and wrestle in blood (see the photos, below):

needless to say, i snapped several photos, but (in the interest of you, the viewers, and me, the person who edits the pictures on this blog), i deleted all of the "wrestling" photos,'ll just have to use your imagination.

the good news (if there is any) is that the blood wrestling proceeds go toward some kind of "bike to the movies" fund, so it appears that some people will be cycling to local movie theaters in the near future.

now don't get me wrong... i've been to a "tomato wrestling" contest in alabama -- mind you -- only to support our office manager, who (for whatever reason) liked to wrestle... but this "blood-wrestling" thing was a tad over the top.

note: chuck assured me that the liquid in the pool wasn't human blood. ..he said that (maybe) it was "pig blood," or red jello, or "cherry kool-aid." ..but does it really matter

(actually, yes. answer my own question, it does matter!)

so anywaaaaaaaaaaaaay II...

i left (quicky) after the second match, and will need to rest up (purge the experience) before tomorrow's 9am-7pm class at the charlotte yoga club.

(afraid to walk outside tomorrow)

-the end?

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