Wednesday, May 4, 2011

whadda ya know?

whadda ya know?
idon t. know

pieces of his-story that a person "knows" are gathered from reading what other people wrote, listening to what other people say, or viewing tiny blips of man-u-fractured reality.

sometimes, we derive what we "know" through direct experience, which is still colored by our extremely limited perspective and our extremely limited senses.

maybe nobody knows anything.

maybe the important thing is how wIe feel about a certain event, topic or situation.

maybe the important thing isn't "who is right," but rather how one feels, deeeeeep Inside.

maybe there isn't a (relative) "truth," but rather, collective feelings -- dancing on a sunbeam.

whadda ya know?

* the Good news (and there's All-Ways Good news): different perspectives (literally) create the vibrant, physical, relative experience that we call "life." ..if every-thing had only one perspective, there'd be No-thing.

* maybe that's when everything = No-thing.


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