Saturday, May 28, 2011

thoughts, words, deeds

alternative title: LOA 101

a basic Law of Attraction (LOA) tenet is that "we get more of what we focus on." the same token, we get less of that to which we pay less attention...what does this mean, in practical terms?

we are creating our earthly tomorrows, today.

imagine a thought as if it were spiderman's web.  ..spidey casts his web in a certain direction, and he creates an energy that pulls him in that direction. ..words act to strengthen the pull of thoughts, because words cast more web-like thoughts.  ..think "declaration."'s the same with deeds, which add an action element to the tendency.

when we combine our thoughts, words and deeds with other like-minded souls, we create a very strong pull (or tendency) which literally prepaves our future experience...this is known as "group consciousness."

of course, in a mind-body-Spirit world, there exists a level that transcends thought (but that's another post for another time).

it's simple: if you are drinking coffee this morning, then one could bet that (prior to now) you put forth the thoughts, words and deeds that co-created your (present) coffee experience. ..if we experience relationship "issues," it is very likely that our thoughts, words and deeds play a role (along with the thoughts/words/deeds of others) in the relational-i-ssue.

thoughts of Good (gratitude, appreciation, Love, caring, sharing, fun, etc.) tend toward Good experiences. ..thoughts of fear (shame, blame, regret, judgment, criticism, jealousy, anger, etc.) tend toward fear-full or negative experiences.

then why doesn't every "today thought" become a reality, tomorrow?

click here for how to hit the target.

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