Monday, May 9, 2011

thoughts and feelings

thoughts and feelings
by i. thought and u. feeling

* there just might be a place/space/noplace, where the physical body releases itself unto Spirit.

* even if not, there is reason for gratitude, Here and Now.

thoughts and feelings are nothing (without each other).

* does something feel more intense, once it is gone?

* is it possible that the very pathway to appreciation is paved by perceived loss?

* could it be that every positive thought/feeling wouldn't even exist -- without its opposite?

  • maybe... in our quest for pleasure, pain is part of the deal.
  • maybe... in our seeking of security, uncertainty has to co-exist.
  • maybe... in our magnetic attraction to happiness, we've (first) got to experience sad?

does In-Spiration happen without expiration?  ..could consumption happen without excrement?  ..can that hole in your heart even begin to implode, if you haven't (first) experienced the Joy associated with fullness?

* maybe "bad" things only exist to wake us up to the living miracles that surround us, every single day.

is it possible that living miracles simply abound, waiting for us to notice that we're are no longer experiencing them? ..suffocation can only feel suffocating -- if somehow, somewhere, we've had opportunity to breathe.

thank you, for being the very InSpiration
that allows us to feel your absence.

thanks again,


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