Saturday, May 14, 2011

that's life

that’s life
by l. ively

• life (cycles).
• life is continuously moving toward death.
• life breathes.
• life replicates, in its own image (apple trees do not produce dogs).
• life In-Spires.
• life ex-presses it-self.
• life (having senses) senses… therefore,
• life discriminates – between this and that.
• life conceptualizes, and labels, and attaches feelings to that which is sensed, as
• life strives to survive and thrive.
• life, striving to thrive, attracts that which furthers its thrival, and (un-fortune-ately) pays attention to that which inhibits its thrival.
• life, paying attention to that which inhibits its thrival, further inhibits its own thrival.  (oooops!)
• life -- is destined to transition (die-late) into its next incarnation.
• life – is dying to get out of here… the very here that allows it to experience thIs.
• life Loves (and fears) this.
• Life (Really) only Loves this, as life (experiencing the dichotomy of contrast) must fear this. ...and this is Good.
• Life is unfolding Perfectly, even as it must appear imperfect.


willy and lenny shared a deep discussion about teaching and learning that went something like this:

what if every student was a genius? ..what if everyone got between 99 and 100 percent on every exam?  ..what if there was no such thing as failure? .. what if no one had ever gotten a 98 or below?

it became obvious that, in a world of similarities, there would need to be a reference point that was “away” away from “perfect” – otherwise perfection could never be anything but average.


by definition, a “99” would become the “worst,” the “most ignorant,” the “bottom of the barrel,” etc.

think about it – an A+ would be labled as “the bottom of the class.” or (worse yet), eveyone would be a 100% student, and there would be no way to differentiate between anyone, meaning that the best student would also be the worst student – in which case there would be no “best” or “worst” or any-thing at all. essence, we'd be living a flat-line, which would not be "living" at all.

the deduction?

• failure is necessary, for success to be experienced.
• pain is necessary, in order for pleasure to be experienced.
• darkness is necessary, for Light to be experienced.
* death is necessary, in order to experience life.
night is necessary, in order for sunrises.
lies are necessary, in order for promises to mean any-thing.
missed opportunities are necessary, so that we can better move toward the target.

of Course, at a Higher Level...  

It. Is. All. Perfect.

…but in order for the movie/dream/play/drama/sit-calm to have any meaning at all, we must create the perception of imperfection.


…and the Perfection of that expresses as (apparent) i’mperfection, and that is Complete-ly okay.

note: if you cannot grasp this concept, it doesn’t matter – so long as someone perceives you as Perfect.

and here’s the beautiful part: it doesn’t matter what people perceive of themselves. ..YOU can conduct an Instant Healing, the In-stant that you perceive him/her as Perfect.

-the end.

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