Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Peace, brother"

"Peace, brother"
-a hippie, 1968

there's a lot of Peace going on, right now.
there are birds chirping and butterflies flying, right now.
there's a soft, easy breeze, right now.
there are millions of people who would never harm another (intentionally), right now.
there's a gentle, puffy cloud, in the sky, right now.
there are real-live democrats and republicans who would LOVE to work together to solve the debt issue, right now.

there's a baby being born, right now.
there are children of different races, religions, orientations and gender, playing together, right now.
there's a warm sun shining, right now.
there are cycles of waves, massaging beautiful beaches, right now.
there's a history of Good, right now.
there are people helping people, who (in turn) will help others, right now.

there's a lot to be happy about, right now -- even if it isn't the item that we are most drawn to observe, right now.

maybe there's something less exciting about Peace, in relation to the alternative.
maybe the Ocobodymind enjoys mixing it up, for variety's sake.
maybe wIe'd pay attention to it, if we could.
maybe It's All Gd.
Right. Now.

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