Friday, May 6, 2011

of bugs...

so... a bug runs across your kitchen floor, while you are cooking dinner.

* do you kill him? you get rid of the body?
* do you take him alive? you release him outside, where he is certain to reproduce?
* do you allow him to run roughshod, around your kitchen, creating more and more kitchen bugs?

maybe the "answer" is "yes."

no matter what we "do," our actions will precipitate the next scenario, thereby precipitating the following scenario.

every-thing leads to It All.

in a limited world that looks at things as "accomplishments," maybe All of them are processes, learning experiences, evolutionary benchmarks, continue-a. 

maybe all of this debate about "what to do" is designed to keep us dreaming/playing/experiencing and co-creating a little longer.  maybe all of it facilitates Uni-Verse-All expansion (which might just result in compression).

some people celebrate the bug-killing. ..some people celebrate the "return" of the bug, to its natural environment. ..others might choose to allow said bug to roan the kitchen, killing other bugs.

what if we all are bugs???????????????

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