Sunday, May 15, 2011

no way in

alternative title: there's no way out of the 'neau way inn

life is complicated; 
prayer and vice and sin
here there's no way out when living at the 'neau way inn

up is down and left is right and "ending" means "begin"
there is no way out when living at the 'neau way inn

ain't no way to lose (a game that no-body can win)
we can go far out when living at the 'neau way inn

visit for awhile (and party) with your next of kin
senses make no sense when living at the 'neau way inn 

* there's no way in -- to the depths of Inner Peace.'s not a place to go, but it is an interesting place to re-visit.

* at the 'neau way inn, there's a sense that the senses do deceive, making every experience subjectively suspect, based upon One's perspective.

* at the 'neau way inn, wIe don't have a reservation desk. ..the coffee room is filled with family art and memorabilia, and the yoga room is a place of simple serenity.

* at the 'neau way inn, re-Creation activities center around the theme of "passionate relaxation," as our zest for life prepares us for each new incarnation.

* at the 'neau way inn, wIe specialize in therapeutic massage, wellness, meditation and laughter. ..ommmassafithayUga is offered at sunrise and sunset, facilitating:

-omm (meditation)
-massa (massage)
-fit (fitness)
-ha (laughter) as well as "hay" (the happy now workshop series)
-yUga (is yoga, with a Capital YOU)


"you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave."
-classic line from "hotel california" by the eagles

* pictures:
- "sunrise yoga," caye caulker (belize)
- "water island" from a ferryboat (fiji)
- "a path," grandfather mountain (north carolina)

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