Thursday, May 19, 2011

"life is hell..."

"...and hell is pretty damn good!"
-pete lawrence

below: "outlaw pete" in belize, ontario, oregon, alaska, tallahassee, florida keys, dry tortugas, aruba, crab island, key largo, asheville, new jersey, bonefishing, sportfishing, beer tasting, wine tasting, sailing, mountain climbing, helicopter flying, jeep driving, cruise dining, military-wedding-saber-weilding, tailgating, bat-caving, etc., etc., etc.

the title of this post ("life is hell, and hell is pretty damn good"), when spoken by pete, was stated while conveying how lucky we've been, to be blessed with the life opportunities that we've been able to experience.

pete was tapping into our feelings of loss and gratitude, feelings of emptiness and fullness, and feelings of mortality.

i've always resonated with this idea, that "hell" was akin to the absence of G∞d, or the point farthest away from Heaven. ..the idea is that It Is All G∞d, and even the worst of the worst (here) is a part of the AllG∞d.

it is always interesting to look back at the past, and (not too long ago) on april 26th, wIe discussed similar themes in a post entitled "what if healing = death?"

wIe humans are able to tap into a very limited perspective of the Whole Spectrum. ..what if it's all by DesIgn, so that children in a sandbox can limit our focus to that which is right Here, right Now?

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