Tuesday, May 17, 2011

life and death and endings and beginnings

alternative title: "a Hug, from beyond" 
(if you can get to the end, this post is worth it) 

it appears as if the april/may 2011 posts have centered on theme of life and death and endings and beginnings and (of Course) Love.
the (above) picture is from a wellness class on "Spirit"
with that mindset in mind, this post will be written (as if) from the afterlife, saying (maybe) what someone might say to wIe, from "there":

"dear friends,

don't grieve (for me), because even though i had fun on planet earth, that pales in comparison to the unfolding and expanding of Consciousness that takes place during the transition.  ..i'll try to describe it to you, but please note that there is (Really) no way to put it into earthly terminology.  ..unfortunately (for you), you're going to have to play (down there) a little longer -- before you get to come to the Big Dance, Here and Now.

first of all, the dying process is Peace-full. ..it's like drifting-off into a rest-full sleep. ..part of self- consciousness is still connected to the physical plane, but decreased input from the body's physical senses creates less and less of a distraction -- allowing for a re-Cognition. ..at first, things are fuzzy and warm.

there's a sense of relief, when you leave the physical body behind. ..my first thought was 'wow!  ..how did i ever move around, with all of that restriction?'  ..physical senses bring physical beings into an attachment to the physical body, and there's a tactile experience that, compared to Here, is
"slower."  ..the physical advantage -- is being able to focus on "one thing at a time," and "peak moments" tend to "take your breath away." 

your hollywood actors understand this well. ..when they fully take-on a role, they restrict their True Nature as they play and act.  ..william shakespheare was right-on, when he said 'all the world is a stage' because each earth-bound being is an actor, of sorts.  ..i'm not saying that 'life' down there isn't real, it's just that it is a tiny moment, a short dance, a 'tiny tic of time' (to quote A Course In Miracles).

everything that wIe experience on the physical plane is a mini-microcosm within a mini-microcosm; for example: a passionate kiss is a microcosm of a love-filled weekend, which is a microcosm of a love-filled relationship, which is a microcosm of Love It-Self.

or something like that.

secondly, after the initial release occurs, your non-physical senses open up to the enormous amount of energetic phenomena available to be Connected with. ..initially, it seems overwhelming. ..part of your lower-consciousness is still attached to the physical, but you quickly re-All-eyes that the physical world, in comparison to this, is like a trap. ..literally, it's hell (compared to thIs).  ..it's funny, how you grieve at a funeral and wish that you could have us come back, while We feel sorry (and Good) for you, trapped in your little body-suits. ..it's Real-ly funny (and We can laugh about it) because We understand that the earth experience lasts for a tiny moment -- like that three-minute improvisational play, in high school, when you played the role of a frog. ..'frogs' you used to call it.  ..thIs is sort-of like that.

as you release even more, non-physical sensations over-whelm: like an exponentially expanded Dance of Light, Sound, and Sensational non-sense.  ..it's impossible to de-scribe. ..if you could imagine a mind-body-atomic orgasm (multiplied by a million) you might begin to get the Idea. 

anyway, you re-Collect, or re-Une with "Being Energies" from your earthly past, and re-Cognize that EveryOne is in on the Game. 

'hell week' would be a good way to describe your earth experience. 

..Here, on the other hand, you CommUne with your Loved-Ones, and there is no way to describe how much you can commUnicate, In-stantanously.  ..it's as if you've been together for life-times, and that EveryOne Knows Everything. ..It; Is; Sir-Real.

next (and when i say next, that does not mean 'next' in a sequential sense), you get a moment to touch those who you've momentarily left behind, and you get to go wherever you want to go, and do whatever you want to do... 

...but you quickly re-All-eyes that you've already done Everything and experienced everything that every 'thing' on earth has ever experienced.  ..it's as if the physical is a Play-ground for the Nonphysical. ..the non-physical you unfolds into Other-worldly experiences that, while mind-boggling, make Perfect Sense.

sometimes, a newly passed soul will re-Turn for a moment or two, to comfort (or to mess with) selected earthlings, but even that becomes a mute point when you are watching the Play. ..here's the interesting thing: there are many planes of existence -- physical, energetic, Spiritual -- and it's as if you Unfold through non-physical levels in a way similar to "growing up" on earth. 

..the Spirit World is indescribable, but earthlings get a feel of It when you experience Love. ..those of your artists and song-writers who re-Lease and ex-press 'All Is Love' are 'tapping into' the Spiritual. ..when they try to describe it, they can't. ..when they feel It, it's only for a glimpse.

in the Spirit World, All; Is; One; Love; Complete; Peace. ..in your physical world, a variety of contrasting phenomena create infinite possibilities of chaotic peace-s of incompleteness, but even that is just an extension of the Spirit World, so it too Is; All; One; Love.

the Spirit World 'needs' the physical world.

no, it's not as if the Spirit World has 'needs.' ..the Spirit World Creates the physical worlds in order to play and experience the infinite variety, the Whole Continuum (so to speak). 

the Spirit World 'Is' the physical world.
It; Is; All; The Same.

let's make an analogy: humans go to the movies and plays, they create fantasy worlds, they experience all that their senses will allow. ..the Spirit World does such through the eyes and ears and senses of all things physical. ..It is (still) All Spirit, but it man-i-fests, particular-i-zes, ex-presses, breathes... 

it pulse-ates with a tangible, tactile Connection mechanism. ..and, by the way, the physical world is only one tiny dimension of the multitude a-vail-able. 

thIs is no-thing new (to you). ..you've seen it in your movies (antz) and your tell-a-vision shows (star trek) and your fake virtual-reality experiences.  

..so here is the comforting news:

1. you don't want comfort. ..you Love to be on the cutting edge of new thoughts and feelings.

2. you don't (Really) want it to be easy. ..you Love the contrasts, conflicts, and apparent wins and losses.

3. you don't (Really) want to be 'Here' (just yet) ...not because you don't, but Be-Cause you All-Ready Are. ..it's just that you are ex-ressing 'Here', uh, there

4. you Love pain, insomuch as it creates an avenue to experience pleasure.

5. you Love negativity, Be-Cause it is the only way that you could ever experience the positive.

6. you LOVE the drama, the chills and spills.

7. you LOVE It.

...Be-Cause you Are It. ..your writers have It (w)rite: All; Is; Love; you are Love, Love-ing -- even if it doesn't All-Ways appear that way. ..you Are All-Ready 'saved' Be-Cause there is no-thing to be saved from. ..there is no-thing to fear, except the illusion of fear, it-self. ..there Is; On(e)ly Love, and you re-Present the Largest and smallest of It, All-Ways, sImutaneously, Now, Forever. One.


I do miss you, though (in a way), but only in glimpses. ..my over-All experience is that of Love, Unfolding into Higher Levels of Love. ..even Now, I'm Unfolding into an even better Dream of Love, and wIe feel better than Ever. ..I'm Free!

I'm going to say goodbye, for Now, but that's like saying hello, in a Way

wIe. Love. you.

(by the way, you look like you need a Free Hug)


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