Thursday, May 26, 2011

JOSEPHINE!!!!! (in north carolina)

yes, ladies and gentlemen, josephine (a.k.a. "mom") is in wilmington, n.c. visiting her sister (my aunt) steffie lomastro (femino). ..josie traveled this morning, with:
  • her sister (my aunt) kaye,
  • kaye's son (my cousin (steve) and
  • donna, my sister.
donna and mom linked-up with steve and kaye this morning, and they surprised stef at about noon.

i just arrived at ft. fisher (where i'm staying in military quarters), and should rendezvous with them tonight.

left to right: al, kaye, josephine, lenny, steffie (approximately 3 years ago)

my mission is to get a few pics of mom (and whoever else is brave enough to venture) in the best bar at carolina beach -- the fat pelican.

more to follow.

here's a little more, on 5.26 (in the a.m.):



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