Friday, May 27, 2011

the fat pelican

"the fat pelican" is a small beach establishment that caters to those who seek refreshment after a long stay at the beach. has the coolest walk-in cooler in wilmington..adorning the walls, support beams, ceiling, exterior and roof of the pelican, you'll find pictures, trinkets, artwork, pelicans, and... well... anything else that you can imagine. bring your own sharpie, and sign your name (and message) in order to be immortalized.


above (in the lower-left corner of the picture)
the food menu at the fat pelican: 3 varieties of crackers, slim jims, peanuts.

click here for the 2010 visit.


  1. OMG Lenny theses are the funniest ones! My mom would never have gotten an experience like this at home!!! Really!!! I want to go!!! So funny!!! I love the bunny and the cow on the roof! Too much!

    Thanks again for partying with my mom!!LOL!
    Love Ya!

  2. Hey, Trish!

    Yes, you need to visit the Fat Pelican, as the pictures do not do it justice. Great slogan, great beer, and you can sign your name on the wall.

    And yes, the cow on the roof is surfing.